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Play Safe During Winter

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) often hears about accidents involving children whenever the temperature falls.  This includes playing on frozen water and sledging.

RoSPA do encourage people – particularly children – to get out and about to enjoy the weather that winter brings but to bear in mind a few simple things to make playing safer and more enjoyable for all.

It is important for everyone to be aware of the hazards of frozen water and the extremes of winter weather conditions.  It is recommended that parents and carers talk to children about the dangers surrounding frozen water and what to do if they see someone fall through the ice.  Some essential information includes:

  • Call the emergency services
  • Do not attempt to go out on to the ice yourself
  • Tell the person to stay still to maintain heat and energy
  • Ensure that you keep off the ice at all times during the rescue, continue to reassure the casualty and keep them talking until help arrives.


With the arrival of snow, out come the sledges and some things to remember before you start your journey down the slope include:

  • Take time to consider your choice of sledging location – somewhere with deep snow and no obstructions such as trees, fences or rocks is the best
  • Avoid sledging near roads, pavements or water (whether it is frozen or not)
  • Make sure you have plenty of room at the end of the run to slow down and stop
  • Wrap up warm, wear gloves and remember that skateboard, cycle and ski helmets and skateboard pads double up well for sledging.


For further information on winter safety (and more information on staying safe around water and while out sledging) please see http://www.rospa.com/wintersafety/?nf=119.

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