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Scottish Government and Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland Fund Stakeholder group met this month…

The second meeting of the CYPFEIF/ALEC Stakeholder Group took place on 4th October 2016.

The first item on the agenda was the Baseline Report on the evaluation of the Fund. There are some learning points to be drawn from the Report, which also identified some positive comments about the Fund even at this early stage. Discussion covered the role of intermediaries, how to best encourage partnership working, and how organisations articulate their beneficiaries. However generally members were pleased to see an evaluation embedded in the fund and a baseline being recorded. Following this colleagues from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland described the background to the Learning and Development programme, and summarised the approaches that will be taken. Members welcomed the programme and commented that it would be helpful to try to maximise the benefit of events through linking with existing events, and to pitch them appropriately.

The final substantive item was around the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative including background and a short summary of the Improvement Methodology. SG are keen to expand the involvement of third sector organisations in this work.

Following this SG gave a short update on core funding for 2017-18. The final amount available within the fund will be decided as a result of the spending review. The process for individual awards will include input from both policy officers and the team at LTSBFS from their knowledge of the organisations and what they are delivering. Final funding amounts for year 2 will then be considered by the same Board that made the original funding decisions, which is made up of SG, ES and third sector representatives. SG is working towards making the year two funding values available by the end of 2016, and these will be communicated as soon as they are available.

There was some closing discussion around IT issues particularly with forms, which LTSBFS agreed to look at. The next meeting of the Group will be in early 2017 and further meeting summaries will be made available.

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