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Over the next 12 months, we will be developing new information sheets on a range of interesting and relevant topics to the play sector, alongside ideas and thoughts that might help individuals and projects to consider play in a new way.

The first one being very close to our toy library roots and our vision to see a toy library in every community.

Please click on the titles below to download a PDF copy and feel free to share!

1. The value of Toy Libraries – Outlining the benefits of toy libraries for children and communities, including a logic model for toy libraries and how to access training from Smart Play Network.

2. Music and Play – The benefits of introducing music to children from an early age and how this can support development and learning.

3. Scotland’s Play Strategy – A brief overview of the Play Strategy and how grassroots projects can support the identified actions in their local communities.

4. Play in Schools – Sharing some research and ideas on play within the school setting.

5. Loose Parts Play – The benefits of loose parts play within your setting and some hints and tips on how to set this up.

6. Art and Play – Provides an overview on a child’s development through art, along with ways to engage with a child’s artwork and alternative tools to use when drawing and painting.

7. Risky Play – Outlines how the risky elements of some play activities can be beneficial to children to help them understand how to manage risk in other situations.

8. Play Therapy – A brief introduction to what play therapy is and some history behind the topic.

9. Rough and Tumble Play – Provides a summary of the benefits to this type of play and how adults can facilitate / support it.

10. Developing Through Play – Explores how play has a purpose and how a child can develop through playing.

11. Collaborative Working – An introduction on working in partnership with other local groups or organisations that may have similar values or aims as your own.

12. Play and the Brain – A brief introduction to how play affects brain development.