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All Weather Play

In Scotland we get all of the elements, often in the same day, so how can we use these within play to benefit children?

This training will look at the benefits of playing in the rain, wind, snow and sun, discuss any obstacles there may be and how we can look at overcoming these, all whilst doing some practical, hands on activities that embrace these elements. Prepare to get messy as we explore lots of play ideas that use the elements, from making our own waterproof/mud boots, creating sail boats, and trying mud body paint. Rain won’t stop play, just encourage more.

The workshop will include:

favicon Discussion about play in all weather conditions, including wind, rain, sun and snow/icy.
favicon Look at the benefits of using the weather in play, and being outside.
favicon Practical activities including making mud/waterproof boots, mud body painting and kite making.
favicon Sharing fears, possible barriers and some easy solutions.

Costs will vary depending on location.

Play in the Dark Photo Play in the Dark Photo

Upcoming Course Dates

Our next training course will be held in Fife on 25th April. The cost to attend is £65 for members and £75 for non-members.

If you are interested in attending this training, please complete the booking form and send it through to admin@smartplaynetwork.org.