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Get Free Play

This is a one day introductory training course on ‘free play’, primarily, though not exclusively, for schools; with the intended audience as Pupil Support Assistants, Playground Supervisors and Teachers. The training is aimed at creating a more active, outdoor play environment in schools during break and lunch times, but also offers the opportunity to link play activities to areas of the Curriculum for Outdoor Learning. The course covers a range of topics around ‘free play’ including the benefits of risky play, discussion about loose parts, and the different play types. The training is delivered through a mix of presentations; activities (practical and discussion based); and group discussions.

Smart Play Network also offers the opportunity for more in-depth training on ‘free play’ through another programme called Positive Play (normally completed over the course of three days). Please click here for more information.

Want to find out more?

If your school is interested in this training or to find out more, please click here to contact us. This means that we can discuss with your individual requirements, potential venues, dates and costings.

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