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Work Smart

An interactive team workshop to help reduce stress, increase productivity and build positive relationships in the workplace.

We have created a one day workshop utilising the positive practises of play which can be applied in both the workplace and at home. We believe that just as children can develop communication and problem solving skills through play, so can adults.
Although it is widely accepted that play is imperative to child development, we believe this is overlooked by adults in the way in which play can help reduce stress and increase productivity. We offer a high quality service that helps bring the value of play to the attention of adults which will be rewarding both in the workplace and at home.

“Playful people are uniquely able to transform virtually any environment to make it more stimulating, enjoyable and entertaining.” – L.A. Barnett Academic Research

About Work Smart:
favicon A one day workshop is tailored by experienced trainers to fit the needs and outcomes of your organisation.
favicon Incorporates a mix of playful, construction and skills tasks to support team working.
favicon An opportunity to learn how these activities can contribute to overall health and wellbeing.
favicon The workshop caters for between 10 and 25 delegates, although exceptions can be made on request for larger groups.
favicon Workshops are suitable for everyone regardless of age, sex, or physical ability.
favicon All organisations will receive a ‘make your own kit’ at the end of the workshop to help them continue the practices taught in the workshop in their own personal time and space.

Example of activities
- Building shelters and dens
- Fire craft
- Traditional games
- Build a rocket
- Giant earth ball
- Juggling / circus skills
- Group discussions and challenges

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- Improved communication / co-operation
- Team building / awareness
- Stress reduction
- Positive impact on morale/ productivity
- Techniques to take back to the workplace

Why us?
favicon Avoids the tedium of seminar style stress management days.
favicon Interactive and suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.
favicon Evidence based approach for overall workplace wellbeing.
favicon Supports corporate social responsibility.

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Want to find out more?

If your workplace is interested in this workshop, please click here to contact us. This means that we can discuss with your individual requirements, potential venues, dates and costings.