Activity Videos

The following activity videos give you, your organisation, or your child new ideas for play. 

Jumping Frogs

Spring Blossom Painting

3 Little Pigs (Pt 2)

Bubble Painting

Mini Parachute

Paper Weaving

Tie Dye Paper

Wool Wrapped Animals

Origami Fox

Rainbow Rice

Wheels on the Bus

Build a Planter

Paper Boats

Planting Seeds

Treasure Basket

Wriggly Worms

Origami Snappers

Gingerbread Man

Balloon Saxaphone

Grass Doll

Paper Planes

Sycamore Whistle

Wild Flowers

Summer Jellyfish

3 Little Pigs (Pt 1)

Bringing Books to Life

Growing Seedlings

Paper Pots


Woodland Art