Play on Wheels is funded by National Lottery, Big Lottery Improving Lives Fund. The POW team are working with communities to develop play knowledge, skills and resources to improve children and families lives.

In 2013 Smart Play Network received funding from The Big Lottery – Investing in Communities Fund to run the POW project for three years.
The POW team used it’s specialist play vehicles to bring varied play resources to children in schools, nurseries, parks, housing estates, Traveller sites, community groups, fun days, toddler groups and out of school clubs. POW provided children with the chance to engage in freely chosen, self-directed and low-cost play.

This has resulted in POW being a catalyst for settings to develop their outdoor play spaces, often with parents’ support, and for families to create connections within their community and explore different ways of providing play opportunities.

Smart Play Network designed and piloted a Play on Wheels project in Dundee, which was funded and supported by Inspiring Scotland’s Go Play Fund. This project successfully reaching children and their parents through street play sessions and play workshops in over half of the City’s primary schools. 88% of teachers and playground assistants reported improved child achievement, problem solving skills and renewed pride in their school environment.

In 2011 the project extended to Fife with a focus on children 0-8 and their parents.