Can anyone join the toy library?

Yes, anyone who is living, working or caring for children in Edinburgh.

How do I join the toy library?

Come along on a Tuesday morning, we will ask you to fill in a short application form and pay £4 to become a member for a year. Then you can start choosing toys to borrow as there is no individual charging to borrow toys.

How it the toy library funded?

We are funded through Smart Play Network by City of Edinburgh Council until March 2023.

What are my responsibilities?

We ask that you follow our health and safety guidelines when in the toy library. Your main responsibility when you are at the toy library is to stay with your child at all times unless you tell us that you have left them under the supervision of another adult. Also there are many ways in which you can get involved with the toy library by helping clear up or set up in the morning, but this is by no means expected of you.

What are the benefits of playing with a wide variety of toys?

Toys stimulate the child’s imagination and teaches them skills vital for later in life. By having access to different and challenging toys, the child is learning that the world is an exciting and ever changing place. Borrowing toys teaches our children to respect other people’s things and teaches them how to share.

What happens if I lose pieces or break a toy?

We understand at Play Plus that children love to explore toys in a variety of ways and that sometimes this leads to breakages! We only ask that you let us know that the toy is broken or that there are pieces missing when you return it so that we can replace the parts or the toy.

What sorts of toys are available?

We have a wide range baby toys, baby gyms, play mats and activity centres, imaginative toys (dressing up outfits), construction toys (lego and duplo) and larger items from trikes to slides and even a small bouncy castle! We have dolls houses, pushchairs, themed bags and some lovely wooden traditional toys. In addition, we have some very specialist equipment for children who have additional support needs. The list is endless!

Would you accept a donation of toys?

Yes, if the toys were good quality, complete and met our standards for safety. There are certain items that are not suitable to lend out such as cuddly toys. We would be most happy to accept a donation on the understanding that we may either pass on unsuitable toys or include them in our next toy sale to raise additional funds for the toy library.

Loan Terms and Conditions:
Toys to be returned within 30 days or on the Tuesday closest to when the 30 days are up. If a toy has not been reserved by another member, you can renew this toy online for another 30 days.
There is no charge for any breakages or missing pieces on the return of the toys, however we do ask that we are told about it to enable us to replace or repair the toy. We ask that all toys are returned having been cleaned.

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