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External Complaints Policy

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  • We aim to provide a quality service through our projects, training and membership support; however, we understand that not everyone will be satisfied at all times.

  • We aim to deal with complaints effectively and efficiently.

  • All complaints will be given the fullest attention.

  • In the event of a complaint raised, we will ensure that our procedures are followed. 

  • By taking on feedback we will be able to develop our projects, training and membership support to ensure we give the best possible service to all of our users - children, parents, practitioners and the wider community.

The Complaints Procedure​


Verbal Complaints:

All verbal complaints will be recorded by the Project Manager, Training Officer or Operations Manager depending on the nature of the complaint.  When you have a complaint please talk to the relevant team/project or if you are unsure who to speak to contact the Head Office (0131 554 2620) to speak to the Operations Manager. 

They will:

  • Listen properly to what you have to say and give your complaint serious attention.

  • Give you an answer straight away if possible or follow up on your complaint promptly.

  • If they are unable to resolve the complaint, complaints will be referred to the Senior Management Team, who will make every attempt to resolve it.

  • Aim to respond to your complaint within four weeks of receiving it.

Written Complaints: 


If you would prefer to complain in writing, by letter or email, or if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a verbal complaint, write to the Chief Executive Officer (email address: 

They will: 

  • Give your complaint serious attention.

  • Review your complaint with the relevant staff member who initially dealt with it.

  • Respond to you in writing with the outcome of our review as soon as possible.  This should never be longer than four weeks.

  • Ensure the person who made the complaint is fully kept up to date at each stage of the complaints procedure.

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