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Our Place and Space

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Our aim is to empower people to become advocates for the transformation of the spaces in which they live and to increase children’s access to play in their communities. We work alongside communities in Fife to help identify and achieve the aspirations of local people and families.

The challenges that communities face are diverse and unique - working in partnership to find sustainable solutions to these evolving circumstances.

‘Our Place and Space’ project is managed by Smart Play Network and funded for two years by the Scottish Government's Empowering Communities Programme; Investing in Communities Fund (ICF). The project runs from 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2022.

OPAS worked with children, parents/carers, volunteers and practitioners in a community for a period of up to six months; returning in the final year to provide follow up support if required.

Benefits of OPAS

Stronger community relationships; more inclusive, connected and empowered communities

Improved health and well-being; increased access to outdoor spaces and physical activity

Improved economic prospects; increased skills, confidence, realised potential and motivation to further develop skills

Decreased financial pressure on families to provide expensive resources or high cost activities

  • Community play sessions and events to showcase low cost play ideas and share skills

  • Support to form local steering groups

  • Consultation and engagement activities with the local and wider community

  • Identifying and facilitating appropriate learning opportunities

  • Support for volunteers; mentoring, job shadowing, workshops

  • Practical support and advice to develop and transform outdoor play & community spaces

  • Support with money saving initiatives and resources for families

Gallatown Garden & Community Centre

This outdoor area for play, growing and socialising is located beside the bike pump track at Gallatown Park in Kirkcaldy. Here we supported staff and volunteers from YMCA Kirkcaldy to develop the outdoor space using repurposed materials. 

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Benarty Community Centre

The Centre offers activities for all ages including sport, leisure, arts, adult learning, youth provision, child care and interest groups. Here we worked with Benarty Youth Work, Kids Come First and members of the community to develop outdoor play and wildlife habitats in the grounds surrounding the community centre.

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Buckhaven Primary School & The Globe Orchard

The Orchard is managed by C.L.E.A.R (Community-led Environmental Action for Regeneration) who oversee community green spaces in the area of Buckhaven and Methil. Here we supported pupils from Buckhaven primary school to access the space for outdoor play and learning where they contributed to the design of a wild life area.

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A registered charity based in Kirkcaldy who provide support for families who have additional support needs. They run several groups throughout the week for families, adults and fathers. We supported the group with outdoor family play picnics and online videos and play ideas. 

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Benarty Community

Working in partnership with CLD we delivered play resource packs and live online play sessions with local families during the pandemic. Following on with outdoor play sessions and activities to create wildlife habitats in the grounds of the community centre. Currently we are supporting Benarty nursery to develop their outdoor garden.

Benarty Community centre table setting drawing
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Valley Family Fun Group

In partnership with CLD, we have been supporting this group since July 2023 meeting regularly to facilitate outdoor play sessions in the local park. The group conducts litter picks to keep the area safe for children’s play. During the winter months we run family fun sessions at Templehall Community Centre and in October we supported the group to plan and deliver a consultation event  enabling local people to share their views about the play park and green space.

Templehall montage showing bookbug, swings, litter picking, and children's games.
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South West Fife

we continue to maintain strong partnerships with the CLD team. In Blairhall we supported the community to set up a new outdoor pre-school play group. This led to the development of the community garden and included support from local primary school pupils and volunteers. During school holidays we continue to support ‘Family Fun’ days held at Blairhall and High Valleyfield and we have supported the Youth Work team with play training in Rosyth.

South-West Fife collage showing outdoor play, bookbug sessions, woodworking, and gardening
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Opas Resources

Opas Resources
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