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European Toy Libraries Group

Smart Play Network is a member of the European Toy Libraries (ETL).

The ETL was founded in 1996 during the 7th International Conference on Toy Libraries in Zurich (Switzerland). The Group are committed to the beliefs that play, playthings and playful interaction are essential to optimal education, physical, psychological, social and cultural development.

The Group is committed to:
- To disseminate the concept of toy libraries as a means of bringing play and play materials to people.
- To serve as a link between national toy library organisations, providing opportunities for international exchange of ideas and materials.
- To maintain a liaison with other organisations and associations pertaining to developmental and social issues, health, education and play.
- To organise common presentations at international events such as the International Conferences organised by the International Toy Library Association.
- To cooperate with organisations having similar goals.

For more information about the European Toy Libraries, please click here to go to their website.

European Toy Libraries form part of the International Toy Library Association (ITLA), for more information about ITLA and the work that they do please refer to their website http://itla-toylibraries.org/home/.