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Why Play-in-a-Box?

Play-in-a-Box is designed to turn any indoor space into a space for play. It is intended for locations that don’t have access to toys and play areas to help convert a location into a temporary play space.

What is it for?

Organisations hiring an events/meeting space and needing a portable play space, or shared space venues where you need to transport and remove all materials at each session.

An organisation might be hiring a room for an event or focus group discussion and need a portable play space as children will be coming along. Our Play-in-a-Box could allow for the conversations to happen whilst the children play. Please note that children should be supervised at all times when accessing the content of the box.


The resources contained inside are suitable for nursery and early primary-aged children.

We would suggest only a small group of children using the resources at the same time, between 1-6 children depending on space.  

What is in the box?

  • Child-friendly table and stools

  • Foam interlocking playmat tiles

  • Wee town play mat for vehicles

  • Collapsible tunnel

  • Toy doll

  • Building block set

  • Lorry with toy cars

  • Wooden track with vehicle toys

  • Stacking rings

  • Matching puzzles (alphabet, numbers, and shapes)

  • Arts and craft supplies including paper, glue sticks, child-friendly scissors, jumbo crayons, colouring pencils, pencil sharpener

Who can borrow it?

Play-in-a-Box is available to all SPN members and can be made available upon request to non-member organisations.

How to use the service?

Play-in-a-Box is bookable for up to 2-week increments. 

To book Play-in-a-Box, contact with your requirements and dates. We can arrange delivery and collection of the items for a small fee, or you can collect the box from Smart Play Network storage location within central Edinburgh.

To help cover the costs for stock replacement, maintenance, and fuel costs, we have a small hire fee, which is discounted further for our members.


  • Members: £40 for a 2-week hire.

  • Non-members: £60 for a 2-week hire.

If you require delivery to a location, we can add that on for an additional cost and would be happy to discuss that at the time of booking.

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