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Active Play was a programme aimed at primary three and primary four pupils. Pupils took part in outdoor play sessions that combine fun, inclusive and active games with free play. The programme  increased children’s physical activity levels and improved their basic movement skills.

Active Play class teachers fully participated in every session and took a lead role in delivering some of the games to develop their confidence and knowledge in the delivery of Active Play. Smart Play Network worked with the teacher to support development and help embed the programme.


Play Champs was an 8-week programme, delivered in conjunction with Active Play, that is designed to improve children’s leadership skills. A group of eight to ten children were selected from a primary five or six class to be Play Champs.

This programme supported and encouraged the Play Champs to be positive play role models for the school. Support workers including parent helpers were involved with Play Champs sessions to encourage leadership in the playground.

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Active Play was funded through a partnership between Inspiring Scotland’s Thrive Outdoors fund and Dundee City Council.