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The following idea cards give you, your organisation, or your child new ideas for play. 
For thematic ideas please navigate using the activities by type section below.

Play Ideas By Type

Please click on the categories below to a view a list of downloadable idea cards!


Ideas for you and your child to create new cool things together.


Play ideas to help developing children explore their environment through the senses.


Play ideas to help children explore the outdoors.


Play ideas that inspire children to engage with their imagination and learn cool new things.


Food and Fun! A winning combo.

Making & Art Ideas

3 Pen Challenge

Crayon Rubbings

Fun Painting 4: Puffy Paint

Musical Mittens 

Spider Web Game

Autumn Candle Holder

Fun Painting 1: Messy Play

Melted Crayons

Recycling Collage


Bird Feeder

Fun Painting 2: Marble Art

Musical Instruments 1

Salt Dough Tree

Boats and Cars

Fun Painting 3:

Bubble Art

Musical Instruments 2

Spaghetti & String Printing

Sensory Play Ideas

Baby Rain Stick

Ice Eggs

Rainbow Bottle Shaker

Bath Time Play

Ice Painting

Sponge Splat Painting

Cornflour Gloop

Light & Shadow


the Tunnel

Fossil Excavation

Mud Play

Water Play

Outdoor & All Weather Play

Autumn Leaf 


DIY Kite

Rope Games

Stone Painting

Ball Games


Scavenger Hunt

Wind Sock

The Game

Jump the River

Stick Man


Nature Play

Stick Mobile

Imagination & Exploration Ideas

Boxes and Bags

Dressing Up

Laser Maze

Role Play

Small World Play

Water Art

Bathtub Fishing

Floor is Lava

Life-sized Board Game

Secret of the Water Rising

Sock Puppets

Den Building/ Blanket Fort


Loose Parts Play

Sink or Float

Transient Art

DIY Fishing

Imagination Game

Positivity Box

Shape Sorter

Volcano in a Bottle

Edible Activities!

Biscuit Decorating

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Fruit Cracker Pizzas

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